At SISTER Ministries we have a variety of ways you can use your unique gifts to serve. Volunteer opportunities range from Behind the Scene, Semi Hands-On, and Hands-On Opportunities:

  • Behind the Scene opportunities include *serving  on the Board, being a Prayer Partner, sponsoring an event or donating make-up, hygiene or undergarments.
  • Semi Hands-On opportunities include being a Pen Pal or GateKeeper Volunteer; and
  • Hands-On opportunities include becoming a Shepherd of a SISTER Disciple or when your church hosts a SISTER Meeting you may serve on the ministry team (i.e., becoming a Bible Study Teacher, Ministry Leader, or Leader's Assistant) .

*Click on these links to apply for the following Board opportunities:

In whatever way God leads you to serve, we will be blessed to have you serve with SISTER Ministries.